pre/postnatal yoga services.

Art work by Marie Jørgensen (@yogaprints), sequence by Neelu Shruti (@lovechildyoga).

Art work by Marie Jørgensen (@yogaprints), sequence by Neelu Shruti (@lovechildyoga).

Yoga is an ancient science and medicine for human beings to find balance, clarity and their best selves in preparation to unite the body with spirit. Yoga supports in finding all of these things during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery. 

I enjoy guiding pregnant individuals through a gentle flow that prepares them for their labor, paying special attention to breath, alignment and modifications as needed. Each class focuses on relaxation and breathing techniques as well as strengthening muscles most affected and utilized during pregnancy and childbirth. During the postnatal phase, I provide clients with tools to find physical relief and centering as they recover from birth and adjust to parenthood. Through tailored practice, clients walk away feeling lighter, more informed on the needs of their body in its current state and with a closer bond with their baby.

Practicing pre/postnatal yoga can:     

  • Alleviate back pain, sciatica, and/or sacro-iliac pain
  • Encourage optimal fetal positioning   
  • Experience connection to growing baby within  
  • Support feeling more relaxed and centered    
  • Promote fluid yet supported hips and stabilized pelvis    
  • Improve digestion and blood circulation     
  • Renew connection to one's breath and body    
  • Develop confidence and concentration    

Through pre/postnatal yoga, laboring people and those recently that have given birth able to find self help measures to assist during the many physical, emotional and emotional discomforts associated with pregnancy and the postnatal period. From asanas (poses), pranayama (breath work) and relaxation time, individuals can build trust with their bodies in preparation for labor and slowly rebuild strength and energy as they recover from birth.

Private 75-minute sessions and rates are as follows :     

  • 1 class at $120    
  • 4 classes at $100    
  • 8 classes at $90

Prenatal Yoga 6-week Series at Namastuy Healing Collective

Namastuy brings you a 6-week prenatal yoga series for expecting moms looking to create community and cultivate a gentle movement based practice. Each class utilizes yoga asanas, breath work and meditation, and group discussion to foster confidence and a body intelligence to guide you through this wondrous journey. 

Class is open to expecting parents at any stage of pregnancy.  Please note, no previous yoga experience is required. We meet you where you are. Join us!

To sign up visit or download the Namastuy App. 


Kind Words from previous clients...

I loved working with Elizabeth! I am a yoga novice and wanted to try and stay active during my third trimester, so lessons with her were perfect. The right balance of a good work out, great breathing techniques and top tips for labor, too! I especially love how she tailors each session to how I’m feeling. Thanks so much Elizabeth!
— Shona, first-time mom
Elizabeth is an excellent prenatal yoga instructor. She visited my apartment on several occasions for private prenatal yoga sessions during my 7th and 8th months of pregnancy. She has a lively and enthusiastic personality that is backed up by her knowledge and care when it comes to pregnancy/child birth and how it relates to yoga. The biggest thing that stood out to me is her ability to hold the space for us which allowed me to feel comfortable and at ease in my body no matter what shape I was taking. She always took into consideration the way my body felt or the mood I was that day and modified the session to be personal to me. I recommend her to anyone seeking a movement practice while pregnant.
— Amy, first-time mom