client testimonials

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Elizabeth is an excellent prenatal yoga instructor. She visited my apartment on several occasions for private prenatal yoga sessions during my 7th and 8th months of pregnancy. She has a lively and enthusiastic personality that is backed up by her knowledge and care when it comes to pregnancy/child birth and how it relates to yoga. The biggest thing that stood out to me is her ability to hold the space for us which allowed me to feel comfortable and at ease in my body no matter what shape I was taking. She always took into consideration the way my body felt or the mood I was that day and modified the session to be personal to me. I recommend her to anyone seeking a movement practice while pregnant.
— Amy, first-time mom
Speaking from the partner/dad perspective - Elizabeth was a fantastic birthing coach for us. She was just the right mix of granola, hard talk and sense of humor. Elizabeth used yoga, real conversation about upcoming birthing scenarios all with engaged attitude. Best of all, my lady immediately felt womanly kinship comfort and trust. Essential when it’s GO time. When contractions came she joined us at the hospital and was right there with us during the “surges”. It’s a ride with one pilot and two copilots, let me tell you. Literally. Partner gets one leg, doula gets the other. Elizabeth is the best. Enjoy the ride!
— Eran, first-time dad
I feel so lucky that Elizabeth was a part of my pregnancy and birth. We met her at a doula meet and greet and instantly felt comfortable around her. She has a calm energy and really listened to our wishes and worries. We felt confident in our birth plan after meeting with Elizabeth prior to birth. We appreciated how present she was, but also that she wasn’t pushy. She supported our birth and respected our views. She helped me to advocate for what I wanted during labor. We will forever be thankful for the calmness she brought to the labor and delivery room.
— Lynda, first-time mom