birth doula support services.


I'm working with Yael Borensztein of Born Knowing in a doula partnership. Together, we work towards ensuring your pregnancy and birth experience is informed, safe, and supported.

Doula Package ($2,400)

  • Two prenatal visits
    • We love getting to know you before the birth! Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy when we meet, we will schedule up to two visits in your home. They give us a chance to spend some time getting comfortable with each other, discuss any positive or not-so-great feelings you’re having, and make sure that we’re all doing everything we can to make you feel as good as possible as your big day (or night!) approaches. If we begin working together late in your pregnancy, we can work together to adjust the meetings to suit your needs. 
  • Ongoing phone/email support and availability
    • We're not just there for you during your labor. If things come up for you that you’d like to talk about, we are here for you. We also continue to be available in this way throughout the “fourth trimester” following the birth of your new baby.
  • Uninterrupted labor support
    • The good stuff! We will work together ahead of time to make sure Elizabeth or I come at just the right moment to make sure everyone has what they need to feel supported, confident and cared for throughout the duration of labor. After the birth, we will hang around to make sure you are feeling well and that nursing (if that’s your plan!) has gotten off to a great start. 
  • Two postpartum visits
    • Following the birth, we are always eager to come see you all again and answer any questions you may have about taking care of yourself or your child. We like to schedule the first visit for the first two-four days after the birth so we can talk about nursing and how everyone is adjusting. The second visit can take place at any time within the first month postpartum and it's the perfect time to get some extra newborn tips and serves as a sweet moment for us to close out our formal relationship.
I would recommend Elizabeth as a doula to anyone who is pregnant. During my pregnancy, she was highly attentive, regularly checking in with me and offering loving suggestions for self care when I had questions or concerns. During my labor, she was all in- helping my husband support me in more effective ways and making me feel so much more comfortable in the hospital when not everyone is kind or generous. She brings her positive energy and realness throughout the journey and I was happy to have her by my side.
— Mae, second-time mom
Speaking from the partner/dad perspective - Elizabeth was a fantastic birthing coach for us. She was just the right mix of granola, hard talk and sense of humor. Elizabeth used yoga, real conversation about upcoming birthing scenarios all with engaged attitude. Best of all, my lady immediately felt womanly kinship comfort and trust. Essential when it’s GO time. When contractions came she joined us at the hospital and was right there with us during the “surges”. It’s a ride with one pilot and two copilots, let me tell you. Literally. Partner gets one leg, doula gets the other. Elizabeth is the best. Enjoy the ride!
— Eran, first-time dad
I feel so lucky that Elizabeth was a part of my pregnancy and birth. We met her at a doula meet and greet and instantly felt comfortable around her. She has a calm energy and really listened to our wishes and worries. We felt confident in our birth plan after meeting with Elizabeth prior to birth. We appreciated how present she was, but also that she wasn’t pushy. She supported our birth and respected our views. She helped me to advocate for what I wanted during labor. We will forever be thankful for the calmness she brought to the labor and delivery room.
— Lynda, first-time mom