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Pregnancy. Labor. Birth. These processes often dictate and inform our experiences thereafter. So, when it comes to childbirth, my goal, hope and wish is that everyone birthing their child is in caring hands and has all the information and support they need.

I studied Sociology and Studio Art at Pomona College in Claremont, CA. Upon graduating, I worked with organizations committed to storytelling, youth development and arts education both internationally and stateside. These years were fundamental for my curiosity and creativity. My education, work experiences coupled with my personal herstory, heavily inform the way in which I approach birth work. I watch and observe how we interact with one another and believe that "holding space" is a skill necessary for society at large. How lucky are we to be able to not only, create a family, but also continue or begin a new way of living and thinking? Birth provides this opportunity.

This awareness and sensitivity to space, energies and surroundings, greatly influences my role as a doula. Prenatally, I work with expecting families and laboring individuals in preparing for the birth of their child and offer non-judgemental support should anything change along the way. Together, we design a toolkit of comfort measures and a personalized set of techniques, such as massage and acupressure, breathwork and meditation, Spinning babies, and/or movement and yoga. When it comes to labor, I ensure to remind families and the birthing person what is available and important to them. Once baby arrives, the support continues with troubleshooting and special care for the new parents and child. I believe feeling supported, listened to and prepared for the changes to come is paramount for new and expanding families. Offering evidence based information, local resources, and a gentle touch is my professional goal.

Currently, I live and love in Brooklyn with my partner and baby boy wonder.


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